Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Customer service is our top priority. We understand that mistakes are made, and orders sometimes need to be cancelled or postponed. If you found that products are faulty or damaged we will offer a replacement or refund. Please return the product with it’s original packaging stating the reason for return.

If you have tried the product and are unhappy with the results, then please contact us via email to ensure that you are using the correct and appropriate product for your skin’s needs. It is also important that you follow the directions given. Some of the products we sell may have temporary side-effects for some people and these are usually resolved after a few weeks of use.

We offer advice by e-mail if you need help choosing the right products before you buy. We will not refund or replace products that have been used or opened for hygiene reasons.

If you have a reaction to a product, then please tell us and we will inform the manufacturer of the product so that they can update their adverse incidents of the product. We will not however refund against such a product that you have shown sensitivity to.
Due to the time-sensitive nature of our production processes, we do require that requests for cancellation or postponement be handled over the phone so that we can guarantee that your request is honored.

Once an item is cut, it can’t be canceled, and the Returns Policy will then apply. There are limited exceptions to this, depending upon the length or size of the product.





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