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The first step is to reach out to our company and provide the essential details for your cars. You can use both online and offline methods to submit the details of your car. Call us on 0434406192 or visit our website online. Fill the details carefully on the online form and submit the details.Enter the exact current condition of the car and all required details and one of our evaluators will get back to you within an hour or less for Free Car Removal Brisbane.
The moment we receive your details, our experts will give you a rough quote. Our wreckers near you are available all the time to respond to your concerns quickly.

Free Car Removal Brisbane

You can decide pickup location and time for best removal of your car. The whole process is so convenient that you don’t have to face any hassle of arranging a transportation to transport your vehicle to us. Just by sitting at home and filling a form in less then a minute, you can get free car removal Brisbane. We remove vehicles of all types, whether cars, trucks, SUVs or any other cadre. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the Free Car Removal in Brisbane of heavy vehicles.


Once the quotation and pickup time is decided, we will be at your doorstep at the preferred time to pick up your car. You will just have to sign the legal document to transfer the car to our name so we can legally take it away. You will receive the decided payment after fulfilling the mentioned procedures. We will pay on the spot and tow away your car to our Top Free car Removal Brisbane locations and you will get the payment without going anywhere or dealing with any person. This cannot get any easier. Just by sitting at home and making a few clicks now you can get rid of the car in your garage. Remove your car fast by calling on us. Try us for once and you will end up recommending Auz Metal Recyclers for free car removal Brisbane to all of your friends and family because we are the best near you.

Free Car Removal
Free Car Removal Brisbane
Free Car Removal
Fasr Car Removal
free-car-removal brisbane


We at Auz metal recyclers are fully trustworthy and fully insured car removalist so it means you’ll always be on the safest side by selling your vehicle to us. We are reliable, on time, free car removal Brisbane service provider near you. No matter if it is scrap, old or damaged, we still ready to buy them for top dollar within a day. Our car collection service is the quickest and easiest with free towing which ensures the safe removal of any vehicle on time.

Auz metal recyclers is a professional car buying service provider that will take away the hassle of selling your vehicle and deliver full satisfaction at customer end. If you have a car that is in need of removal and disposal, Auz metal recyclers can help you with the top deal providing highest cash. We guarantee the best possible cash offer for the worth of the vehicle to our valuable clients.

free-car-removal brisbane


With our free cars removal Brisbane service get your car evacuated within a few minutes and free space for yourself to do much productive activities. Your damaged/wrecked cars can be a good opportunity for you to earn cash for your car exchange.

Quick, convenient and hassle free, free car removal Brisbane service with top cash, that’s exactly Auz metal recyclers offer at no condition. We buy metals for highest cash rate across Brisbane regions and in other surrounding suburbs as well. Our free car removal Brisbane service is trustworthy and fully customer satisfaction is guaranteed without any charges. We are available to buy any type of car, truck, van, ute, 4×4, SUV or even any metals of any make or model.

free-car-removal brisbane

If you have a car or any other metal that is in need of removal and disposal, Auz metal recyclers can help you with the top deal providing highest cash. We guarantee the best possible cash offer for the worth of the vehicle to our valuable clients.

Selling your used/old cars can be a tough task for you to manage. This includes rigorous searching of an ideal private buyer who complies with your asking price and a tedious procedure to follow. Well, with our absolute free cars removal Brisbane service, you get exemption from this. Auz metal recyclers provides you with the most easy and contented car selling process for our customers. You no more need to linger around fetching for someone to pay you your expected monetary value. We pay you top cash, one that is compatible with your expectations as well as your car condition via our free car removal brisbane service.

We Buy All Kind Of Vehicles

cash for Accident Car

Accident Car

Junk Cars

cash for Wrecked Car

Wrecked Car

cash for Nonfunctioning Car

Nonfunctioning Car

Rusted and Battered Vehicles

Rusted and Battered Vehicles

cash for Damaged Car

Damaged Car

Scrap Car

cash for Old Car

Old Car

Broken Car

Auz metal recycler
Why choose us?
All Unwanted Cars Accepted

Our free cars removal Brisbane service allows you to remove your cars without any hindrance. You can get rid of your vehicles through our free car removal Brisbane service. It doesn’t matter if your car is old, used, junked, wrecked, damaged. We accept all types of unwanted vehicles that you would like to get rid of and want a good amount of cash for the same. Our free car removal Brisbane service accepts all the cars.


Auz metal recyclers don't charge any amount of cash for the removal process. Not only this, our free car removal Brisbane service provides you with a free quote as well as free car removal service in Brisbane. You don’t need to pay any extra cent. Also, there are no hidden charges which you will encounter after agreeing the quote with us. We believe in effective customer satisfaction and transparency to build customer trust. We therefore offer complete clarity and understanding of our service before dealing with you.

  • We have a coterie of professionals who all are well versed with the car removal process and have rich experiences of the same.
  • Our service assists you to get rid of your car ASAP.
  • Through our free car removal Brisbane service, you can make some extra space at your backyard.
  • We buy car models of any type you would like to sell us. This can be of any company ranging from Toyota to Ford.
  • We provide same day service without canceling any schedule and are present at the same location you want us to evacuate your car from.
  • Auz metal recyclers manages the complete towing process and handles the arduous and grueling work to tow your vehicle. This helps you to be burden-free after receiving instant cash on the spot.
  • As we have a well-developed skilled team, we assure you of the customer-friendliness throughout our free car removal Brisbane service.

The most important process of free car removal Brisbane service is recycling the scrap parts. Our splendid and strong emphasis on environment protection and care is what distinguishes us from our competitors. While recycling, we make sure the hazardous chemicals and scrap parts are not let in the environment openly. We then send the scrap parts to the respective recycling firms and organizations to make use of the scrap parts and turn them into valuable usable products.

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